Formula 1’s governing body, the FIA, is set to tighten the Right of
Review procedure through changes to the International Sporting
Code. At the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, Haas lodged a formal Right of
Review appeal into the results of the United States GP after it
believed some track limits violations had gone unpunished. Article
14 of the ISC allows for competitors to lodge a RoR appeal, during
which it must provide “significant, relevant and new” evidence for
stewards to consider re-opening the verdict. This threshold was not
met by Haas, with stewards dismissing its RoR meaning the final
classification from the Austin race stood. It was the latest RoR
appeal in the season, with others including Aston Martin on
Fernando Alonso’s time penalty in Saudi Arabia and Ferrari on
Carlos Sainz’s five-second penalty for hitting Alonso at a late
restart in Australia. RacingNews365 understands that the FIA is
keen to cut down on what it sees as potentially frivolous
processes, and intends to reduce the period for a RoR to be lodged
from two weeks to 96 hours – four days, with the changes already
being discussed before Haas’s failed attempt. A fee of €6,000 is
likely to be introduced – which would be returned to a team if its
appeal is upheld. The International Sporting Code can only be
amended at a meeting of the Annual General Assembly – due to take
place in December in Baku. The changes are set to be not limited to
only F1, but other FIA championships, including Formula E and the
World Endurance Championships.

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