OK, you might think the Fiat Multipla is one of the ugliest cars ever made, and you probably aren’t wrong. What’s more crucial is that you definitely remember the Multipla, and despite its awkward looks, it was quite an innovative people carrier. It was famed at launch for its ability to carry six people, and that feature is being commemorated with the one-of-one Fiat Multipla 6×6.

No, it isn’t a lifted, hulking, six-wheeled off-road terrorizer. Unfortunately, it only has four wheels. 6×6 commemorates the number of people it can carry and six cartoon characters that Roberto Giollito, designer of the Multipla, created to promote the diversity and versatility of the MPV at its 1998 launch. It’s part of a heritage effort by Stellantis, headed by Giollito.

It’s all incredibly adorable. In the front row there’s an adventurer, a child in a racing helmet, and a co-driving woman. In the back row, a businessman is doing business on his laptop, a monk is meditating, and a supposed hippie is lying back and lounging. It’s certainly a strange mix of characters, and not necessarily a kid’s cartoon but a fantastical interpretation of many different lives. The idea is that the Multipla can fit these many lives in one small van.

Though it’s only a concept sketch now, according to Carscoops, the real thing is “currently under production.” There aren’t many details on the build itself, but it will likely be built from a restored Multipla rather than some new-old stock ultra-special factory continuation. The characters will feature on the hood and sides of the Multipla, and each of the six seats will feature a character.

Europeans will be able to see the completed car at the Milano Auto Classica show between November 17 and 19. After that, this one-of-one Multipla will be offered for sale as a collectors item. It could be yours.

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