Formula 1 is set to work with the FIA and the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association over honing the pre-race introductions at future events.

Changes were made to the pre-race grid procedure in the regulations, extending the build-up by 10 minutes, in order to facilitate additional time for further ceremonies.

This is in addition to the usual drivers’ parade, which takes place two hours before the start of the race.

The first example of the new introductions came in Miami, where LL Cool J introduced each driver, accompanied by conducting an orchestral version of his recently-released song ‘The Formula’.

Drivers were introduced one-by-one in reverse championship order, walking through a temporary gantry set up in front of the starting grid, before taking their usual positions for the national anthem.

Drivers provided mixed feedback on the experience, with some receptive, and others vehemently against such introductions.

A primary criticism was the timings of the introduction and further discussions are due to take place on how this can be improved.

Introductions will not take place at every grand prix but up to six or seven more could be held across the remainder of the 2023 season – meaning they will not be reserved exclusively for Formula 1’s high-profile American races.

Formula 1 is keen to continue trialling introductions in order to provide an additional spectacle for fans in attendance at the track.

“I think as long as we don’t do it on too many occasions, I think it’s nice to do it once for the crowd, but we also have to be very respectful of the drivers, that we need our own time to get ready,” said Red Bull’s Sergio Perez.

“It’s just minutes before the race start and I think as long as this doesn’t happen very often, it’s OK.”

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