A French union of energy workers has threatened to disrupt the Monaco Grand Prix in May, in protest of the country’s changes to their national pension scheme. The Fédération Nationale des Mines et de l’Énergie has declared “100 days of anger” in response to the reforms, which includes power cuts to high profile cultural and sporting events in France. The union is targeting the race in Monaco along with the Cannes Film Festival, the Roland-Garros tennis tournament, and the Avignon art festival. They called for workers to “do what they like” during May, including cutting power supplies. Monaco could be disrupted by power cuts The backlash has been prompted over French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent pension reforms, which sees the retirement age rise from 62 to 64. While the Monaco GP does not take place as a night race, interference with the local energy supply could potentially be disruptive to the event held in the principality. Heavy rain caused a power cut that delayed the start of last year’s race. Formula E also plans to hold a race at the circuit on the 6th May, however this was not named as a potential target by the French union.

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