Pierre Gasly has stated it is his intention to have talks with Dr
Helmut Marko regarding his exit from Red Bull in 2019. Gasly was
promoted to the senior team in place of Daniel Ricciardo after just
one full season on the grid with Toro Rosso. However, his stay
lasted just half a season as he was unable to stay close to the
pace of team-mate Max Verstappen and was dropped for Alexander
Albon midway through the campaign. Gasly remained at Toro Rosso
(rebranded to AlphaTauri in 2020) until the end of last year before
leaving the Red Bull family entirely for a seat at Alpine. Speaking
to the Beyond the Grid podcast, Gasly has stated that he would like
to have a discussion with Marko regarding the saga over his drive.
“No, I hope one day we get the chance to [talk],” Gasly said if he
has ever had a chat with Marko about the subject. “But I know, deep
inside, they’re smart people. It’s the way that it was, that wasn’t
really fair. But that’s the sport and I’ve learned as well that
this sport is not always fair. “I really closed the chapter when I
left AlphaTauri and opened a brand-new story with Alpine. “I think
I’ve reached a level of experience, skills and mindfulness right
now, which thanks to my previous experiences, allows me to be
better today than I was yesterday.” Gasly pleased with Alpine
integration Although Alpine has struggled for form during the
current season, Gasly feels he has fit in well at the French
manufacturer as he approaches the end of his first season with it.
“I feel the team managed to understand my needs and understand
that, to extract the maximum of Pierre Gasly, you need to give him
a certain space and freedom,” he said. “I’m quite easy going and I
don’t need much, but my focus and desire to be the best is over the
top. I’ve worked all my life to be the best in Formula 1 and that’s
all I want. ‘But there’s this sort of freedom which the team
understood I need, and we really managed to create this environment
around me to extract the maximum of myself in the car. “Also
outside the car, so that I can be quite comfortable at being myself
and share that positivity around everyone in the team.”

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