The fuzz is always watching. Whether they’re pulling you over for California rolls, burble tunes, or what have you, it’s best that you know where the cops are to stay better informed of the road ahead. And that’s why you should jump on these awesome Amazon Prime Day radar detector deals from our favorite brands. Find the 5/0 today!

Cobra Road Scout Dash Cam and Radar Detector ($20 off)

Escort MAXcam 360c Laser Radar Detector and Dash Camera ($100 off)

Escort MAX 360c MKII Laser Radar Detector ($60 off)

Uniden R3 Laser/Radar Detector ($100 off)

UNIDEN R4 Laser/Radar Detector ($40 off)

UNIDEN R8 Radar/Laser Detector ($70 off)

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