A pocket knife is next to godliness. OK, so that’s not exactly the saying, it’s one that I ascribe to, as having a pocket knife with me all the time is non-negotiable. Why? It literally saved my life once and I don’t feel comfortable without one anymore. But they can be expensive, so saving on a great pocket knife is always a good idea. And that’s why BladeHQ’s current knife deals rock. Take a look.

Kershaw Iridium DuraLock ($25 off)

CRKT Vox Piet ($35 off)

CRKT Renner Deviation ($68 off)

CRKT Burnley Squid XM ($20 off)

Benchmade 940 Osborne AXIS ($35 off)

Benchmade Bugout AXIS ($19 off)

Spyderco Delica 4 M4 ($35 off)

Spyderco Ambitious ($19 off)

Nagao Higonokami No. 5 ($5 off)

CIVIVI Riffle ($40 off)

Hogue Knives Deka MagnaCut ($23 off)

Kershaw Decibel ($40 off)

Kershaw Heist ($30 off)

Smith & Wesson Extreme OPS Hellfire ($19 off)

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