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It’s warming up now that we’ve entered springtime, so you two-wheeled fanatics know what that means: it’s finally riding season. But before you break out your bike to stretch its legs for the first time this year, maybe treat it to some maintenance.

And there’s nothing that makes maintenance easier (no matter how simple or complex) than a nice lift or stand. I mean, how do you expect to safely work on your 400-pound bike if it isn’t stable?

So while nurturing your bike with some much-needed service, perhaps it’s time to treat yourself with some accessories that make the whole process much more enjoyable. Thankfully, RevZilla has some killer sales on both lifts and stands this week—just in time for you to get riding.


BikeMaster MX Scissor Lift ($25.49 off)

Matrix Concepts LS1 Lift Stand ($17.99 off)

Trackside MX Lift Stand ($10 off)

Trackside Aluminum MX Lift Stand ($20 off)


Trackside Front Paddock Stand ($20 off)

Trackside Rear Paddock Stand ($20 off)

Vortex Front Head Lift Stand ($30.93 off)

Woodcraft Spooled Rear Stand ($9.25 off)

BikeMaster Rear Paddock Stand ($6.82 off)

Vortex Rear Stand ($23.20 off)

Woodcraft Superbike Lifter Rear Stand ($9.25 off)

Woodcraft Adjustable Forklift Stand – Pin Style ($8 off)

Oxford Premium Front Paddock Stand ($31.20 off)

Trackside Universal Head Lift Stand ($20 off)

Vortex Fork Lift Front Stand ($23.20 off)

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