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If there’s one thing the world lacks, it’s an ample supply of V12 supercars that rev to 12,000 rpm. That’s all set to change now that Gordon Murray’s T.50 supercar has now entered production.

It’s a major milestone for Gordon Murray Automotive, the legendary designer’s nascent car firm. The T.50 is being hand-built at the company’s dedicated facility in Dunsfold, England. Things have come together quickly for Murray, with the T.50 entering production just two-and-a-half years after the model was first revealed in the middle of 2020.

Let us know if you see Murray’s tag up on the walls of Surrey. Gordon Murray Automotive

Just 100 examples of the T.50 will be built. Each will be highly unique and customized to its owner’s exacting desires. Even wilder, no two cars off the line will feature the same exterior paint color.

Murray himself celebrated the event by signing the first monocoque off the production line. If that happens to be your car and you don’t appreciate the graffiti, though, we’re sure you could ask him to wipe it off. “From the very moment we announced T.50 – conceived to be the world’s most driver-centric supercar – I’ve been looking forward to this day,” Murray stated.

The ultra-light monocoque is a key part of what makes the T.50 special. Lightness was one of the seven key principles of the T.50 design, and the monocoque was designed to that end. Weighing just 235 pounds, it comes in 157 lbs lighter than the featherweight 656-horsepower Cosworth V12 that powers the boutique supercar. Every other component, from the titanium throttle pedals to the carbon fiber downforce fan, have all been built with the same weight-weenie ethos to maximize performance.

Gordon Murray Automotive

Of course, it’s not enough to just build a series of $3 million supercars. Today’s ultra-wealthy car enthusiast also expects a certain level of after-sales service. To that end, Gordon Murray Automotive is establishing five Global Service Centres to maintain its vehicles around the world. The current plan is to have two service centers in the US, covering the east and west coasts respectively. Beyond that, centers in Japan, Abu Dhabi, and the UK will cover off the rest of the world. A further fourteen Service Support Centres will further expand the brand’s reach across continental Europe, Australia, and Asia, supported by GMA technicians.

Getting a bespoke supercar brand off the ground is no mean feat, from either a business or engineering perspective. Gordon Murray has achieved just that, however. Meanwhile, his customers will be champing at the bit to get behind the wheels of the true spiritual successor to Murray’s legendary McLaren F1.

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