If you do any kind of performance driving, cruises through multiple climates, or long hauls it’s nice to keep a portable air compressor in your car. Not only can you maintain your optimal tire pressure as conditions change, but you can also temporarily triage a slow leak. I noticed that a whole bunch of them are on sale on Amazon right now, so here’s a little run-down of inflators and tire-pressure checking tools you might want to throw in the cart.


TowerTop Vertical 12v Inflator, 150 PSI ($108 off)

Black & Decker Multi-Power Tire Inflator (Requires Battery) ($12 off)

Craftsman 12v Tire Inflator (Requires Battery) ($10 off)

Powools Vertical 12v Inflator, 160 PSI, multiple settings ($50 off)

AstroAI 12v Compact Tire Inflator, 100 PSI, multiple attachments ($17 off)

AstroAI Cordless 20v Handheld Compressor, 160 PSI ($24 off)

Avid Power Dual-Motor Tire Inflator ($25 off)

Slime Analog Inflator (eight-minute fill) ($12 off)

Slime Digital Inflator (six-minute fill) ($3 off)

Slime Rugged Inflator (four-minute fill) ($4 off)

Carsun Simple Tire Inflator, 150 PSI max at 35 liters/min ($4 off)

EP Auto 12v Cylinder-Style Inflator, Digital, 70 PSI ($13 off)

AstroAI Triple-Input Heavy Duty Compressor ($50 off)

AstroAI 150 PSI Mid-Sized Pump (Multiple Colors) ($20 off)

GSPSCN Chrome Cylinder Air Pump ($11 off)

Tire Pressure Gauges

Digital Hose Gauge with Bleeder Button ($10 off)

Vondior 0-100 PSI Hose Gauge ($3 off)

CZC 0-60 PSI Stubby Gauge ($4 off)

Glow-in-the-Dark Hose Gauge 0-100 PSI ($5 off)

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