Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner has admitted that it was too
late to warn Kevin Magnussen over increasing car temperatures
before his crash in Mexico. Midway through the race Magnussen
suffered a rear-left suspension failure and was pitched into the
wall at high speed. Magnussen was uninjured in the crash and it was
revealed after the race that the overheating brakes resulted in the
suspension snapping. Just a handful of seconds before Magnussen had
his crash, his race engineer informed him that he needed to control
his temperatures which Haas has acknowledged was too late. Speaking
to media including RacingNews365.com , Steiner clarified that no
modifications have been made to avoid a similar situation in the
future. “No, we didn’t change anything,” he said. “We just need to
be more careful when it gets there, to brake more with the engine,
brake-by-wire or just to lift and coast. “That’s all that we can
do. It’s a little bit unfortunate, because it [the temperature]
goes up, the brake doesn’t fail, the sensors go out because of the
heat. “Then nobody knows anymore what is happening, and then the
suspension broke. “Once it got going, it was very quick, that was
the reason. The brake was obviously a little bit hot, all of a
sudden, all the sensors are gone. And then then the suspension
snaps.” It was too late [to warn Magnussen].“And with having no
sensors anymore, you’re thinking the worst-case scenario, and in
that case, it was just a bit too late. “We learned as well, when
the sensors go out, it’s too hot. It’s quite a good warning.”

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