The Right of Review appeal by Haas has been adjourned by the
stewards so they can “independently consider” the submissions made.
Haas lodged a protest against the results of the United States
Grand Prix, as is its right under the Sporting Regulations after
track limit violations were not picked up during the race at Turn
6. The official summons document which was sent to Haas, Red Bull,
Williams and Aston Martin only mentioned Car 23 – Williams’ Alex
Albon – although it is thought others such as Red Bull’s Sergio
Perez also cut the corner in question and did not receive any
penalty. The hearing to determine whether Haas has provided the
“significant, relevant, new evidence” needed for a Right of Review
has been submitted to the stewards in a 15:00 CET virtual hearing
on November 8th. The stewards from the US race, Felix Holter,
Andrew Mallalieu, Derek Warwick and Dennis Dean have now elected to
adjourn the proceedings to evaluate the evidence presented. The
decision on whether the Right of Review has been successful will be
announced once the hearing is reconvened at 15:00 CET on Thursday
9th November.

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