Lewis Hamilton says he struggled with the balance of his car in qualifying simulations on Friday during free practice, which was reflected by his FP2 result.

Hamilton ended the session in 15th place, while team-mate George Russell also failed to classify inside the top 10.

Mercedes has brought a new front wing to the race weekend as it continues its attempt to rejoin the competition at the front of the Formula 1 field.

Reflecting on a difficult Friday at Silverstone, Hamilton revealed that he is struggling to find a suitable balance with the W14 car.

“It was very windy,” Hamilton said. “It’s often windy here at Silverstone. I think the wind is what helps it become the best track in the world. 

“It’s just the characteristics that you have, tailwind, crosswind, it’s pretty phenomenal. 

“I don’t mind it, it definitely made it a little bit inconsistent but I think everyone was the same car-wise. 

“We’re battling the same thing most of the time, it’s a tough car to drive. No matter what we do to set up and that, it continues to be a tough car to drive. 

“But I think on a single lap, I didn’t feel any improvement on tyres which shows that something is wrong. 

“We’re missing something. And then on the long run, we didn’t seem to be too bad. That’s a positive at least.”

Hamilton has scored three podium finishes so far this year and has a strong track record at his home event.

While he is confident that Mercedes will not be able to compete with the dominant Red Bull team, he is eyeing a “big push” to get onto the podium this Sunday.

“We’re not in the same race as the Bulls,” he said. “They’re just too quick.

“I’m really hoping we can somehow get to the podium, it’s going to take a big push, for sure. But when there’s a will there’s a way, and definitely the fans have been phenomenal from yesterday already. 

“It was such a huge turnout yesterday and today they’ve been awesome. I hope the weather stays good for us.”

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