Lewis Hamilton has enjoyed seeing former teammate Valtteri Bottas “flourish” as a person in recent times. The Finn – who raced alongside Hamilton at Mercedes for five years before joining Alfa Romeo in 2022 – appears to have become a more extroverted character as part of his latest chapter, having appeared in the paddock at the Australian Grand Prix sporting a mullet and tan lines. Bottas has also developed interests outside of F1, including getting involved in the coffee business and launching his own brand of gin. Hamilton feels that this is a positive for Bottas, with the Briton arguing that maintaining a life away from the sport is important. Hamilton: Bottas knows where he wants to go “It’s great. I just saw Valtteri in flip flops just now, with his tan lines around his socks,” Hamilton told media, including RacingNews365.com , during the race weekend at Albert Park. “It’s great to see him flourish, and feeling more and more a part of himself and knowing exactly where he wants to go. “I think for everyone it’s just the whole discovery process, of compartmentalising and just making space for happiness away from the track.” Hamilton reflects on importance of mental health Like Bottas, Hamilton is known for having other interests away from racing, with the seven-time World Champion becoming involved in activism and other pursuits in recent years. Hamilton feels that it is important for those involved in Formula 1 to ensure that they are taking care of their mental health by pursuing areas of interest. “I think probably the same applies for everyone here,” the Mercedes driver said. “All of us work so hard, we’re all travelling so much, we’re all away from our families and friends so much, so we’re missing out on a lot of things. “What are you doing to make time for yourself and for something that makes you happy? “I think that’s such an important thing for mental health, to make sure that you find something that you love, whether it’s taking a language course or playing an instrument or playing football, whatever it may be. “So it’s cool that he’s got these things that he’s doing. I wish him all the best with it.”

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