Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc are both under FIA investigation over a potential rules breach following the United States Grand Prix.

Hamilton delivered one of Mercedes’ finest performances of the season, finishing 2.5 seconds behind race winner Max Verstappen. The Briton was amongst the fastest on circuit in the closing stages of the race as he began to reel in the eventual race winner.

Meanwhile, Leclerc suffered after he and Ferrari opted for a one-stop strategy which left him increasingly vulnerable as the race unfolded. The Monegasque driver crossed the line sixth, 10 seconds behind two-stopping team-mate Sainz who finished fourth.

However, both Hamilton and Leclerc have failed a post-race plank check and the matter has now been referred to the stewards.

In a report issued by the FIA’s technical delegate, Jo Bauer, it is said that both cars were found to be not in compliance with Article 3.5.9 e) of F1’s technical regulations.

The respective regulation states: “The thickness of the plank assembly measured normal to the lower surface must be 10mm [plus or minus] 0.2mm and must be uniform when new.

“A minimum thickness of 9mm will be accepted due to wear, and conformity to this provision will be checked at the peripheries of the designated holes.”

The stewards will now investigate the matter further, however it is likely that both drivers will face disqualification should Bauer’s findings be confirmed.

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