Lewis Hamilton has opened up about adrunken incident in a pub during his teenage years, where his dad had tocollect him after he got “hammered” following a shift behind the bar. Growing up in humble circumstances, hisfather worked several jobs in order to help fund Hamilton’s burgeoning racingcareer. The future seven-time World Champion himselfalso entered the world of work, taking a job behind a bar in order to help makeends meet, and revealed that some after-hours sampling of the delights on offeronce got a little out of hand. “I’ve never been into pubs,” Hamilton said. “I worked at one when I was 17. I wasa bartender. “I think I was getting like £3.50 an houror something ridiculous like that. It was minimum wage. It was a goodexperience – but the best part was when I quit. “On the last day, I cleaned up thebar and I was like, ‘what are these drinks that I’ve been giving everyone?’ “I tried everything, and my dad had tocome and pick me up! I was absolutely hammered. I tried a little bit ofeverything.” These days, Hamilton’s dietary regimen isknown to be considerably stricter than that of his teenage years, with the Britonwell known for his commitment to a vegan diet and a healthy lifestyle – as wellas laying off the booze.

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