Lewis Hamilton has voiced his support for Formula 1’s presence in
Las Vegas, insisting it will add to the current fanbase. F1 is
racing around the Las Vegas Strip Circuit for the first time this
weekend with the event being the third Grand Prix staged in the
United States this year. In May, F1 raced in Miami after the
Florida city made its debut last year while the race in Austin,
Texas took place last month. There has been criticism for Vegas on
the basis of the US hosting three races and the high costs of
tickets and accommodation for the weekend, but seven-time champion
Hamilton insists more races in the US remains key to F1’s growth in
the country. Hamilton praises F1 “The sport continues to grow,” he
told media including RacingNews365 . “It is a business ultimately,
and I think you’ll still see good racing here. “It’s just such a
big country. I think to really tap into the market here and really
captivate the audience here, I think we needed to have at least two
races. The one wasn’t enough. “This is one of the most iconic
cities there is in the unique cities that they have here amongst
the other amazing cities they have in America.” While Hamilton
acknowledged that the track will not be the most favourable to
drive, he is keen to try it first-hand before judging. “All the
lights, the show, it is a big show, for sure,” he said. “It’s never
going to be like Silverstone, but maybe over time, the people in
the community here will grow to love the sport, just as we’ve had
the privilege of growing up and experiencing. “Maybe the track will
be good, maybe it’ll be bad. It was so-so on the sim. It’s
definitely not Silverstone. I think don’t knock it until you try

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