Johnny Herbert said he does not know why Sky elected to make the ‘disappointing’ decision to axe him from their F1 channel. The former F1 driver-turned pundit revealed that he would not be part of their coverage earlier this year, after being part of it since Sky Sports took over the live coverage rights for all the races from BBC in the UK in 2012. Paul Di Resta was also taken off the coverage, after presenting with the team since the 2016 season. Herbert said it was not his decision to step away and was told in December that he would not be on the channel without any explanation. “I didn’t decide to step away – I thought everything was going ahead!” he said to Mirror Sport . “And then I got a call in December, I think it was, when I was told things were changing. “It wasn’t explained why or what was changing. There was a mention of social media stuff and that was about it, really. I don’t really know.” Herbert: I’m over it, moving on Herbert says he is “moving on” from the job presenting F1 TV coverage, having recently started an F1 podcast and appeared as a speaker at the recent Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. “I was always aware – at Sky they do these subscriber checks where you’re given points out of 10 – and I’ve always known I was always quite popular on that side. It’s a shame, but I’m over it. Moving on.”

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