Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner expects the Las Vegas
Grand Prix will be a “great success” for Formula 1. It is the first
time F1 has raced in the Nevada state since the ill-fated Caesars
Palace Grand Prix in 1981 and 1982, with the cars set to take to a
new circuit that takes them down the famous Las Vegas strip. The
race is expected to increase the exposure of F1 in the US market,
with Horner expecting it to top some of the world’s most viewed
sporting events. “Street races are always dramatic. We’ve seen that
in Singapore, Azerbaijan, and of course Monte Carlo,” Horner told
Bloomberg . “This one promises to be a big one. I think it’s going
to be one of the biggest viewed events in the sporting calendar
this year. I’m confident is going to be a great success.” Horner:
It’s going to be super fast The circuit features 17 corners and two
800m straights, which are set to create multiple overtaking
opportunities throughout the 50-lap race. Horner outlined some of
the main challenges that he expects the drivers will face, having
seen Max Verstappen take to the simulator in the days leading up to
the race weekend. “I was watching Max on a simulator, driving
around the circuit, and it looks like a great track. It’s gonna be
super fast,” said Horner. “There’s gonna be a lot of overtaking
opportunities and the tyres could be like driving on ice. “It just
adds another dimension, particularly on a street circuit that can
test the drivers and the team to the absolute maximum.” One of the
main concerns is with the low temperatures, which are expected to
be between 10 and 15 degrees centigrade during the late evenings
each session takes place. “We’re going to be learning what it takes
to get these Pirelli tyres up to temperature,” explained Horner.
“Is it going to be multiple laps in qualifying rather than a single
lap? So it could be really interesting to see how that’s how that’s
going to play out.”

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