Red Bull’s advantage in Formula 1 will eventually “diminish” as the
regulations mature, believes team boss Christian Horner. Since the
adoption of ground effects in 2022, Red Bull has won 36 of the 42
Grands Prix, including 19 of the 20 held to date in 2023, only
fumbling in Singapore where it got the set-up wrong on the dominant
RB19. As is often the case with big rules resets, the big teams
steal a march over the midfield, with a period of rule stability
often converging the field back together – as was the case over the
2017-2021 generation of cars where Red Bull started well behind
Mercedes. By the end of that generation (extended by one year due
to COVID-19), Red Bull was in a position to challenge Mercedes –
with Max Verstappen claiming the Drivers’ crown in 2021 for the
first case of split championships since 2008, with Horner firm that
the field will close up, eventually. Horner: Gap will close “There
are a lot of World Championships that are won in the wind tunnel
with the numbers at this time of year,” Horner explained to media
including RacingNews365. “We’ve got a great car, we’ve got a great
basis. “If we keep evolving it, of course the returns are going to
diminish because you are hitting the top of the curve, and will see
[the field] concertina up. “It will get closer and it will stretch
us more for sure. “The team is very, very motivated, and you can
see that nobody has let off since we won the championship, and
everybody is still on fully on it.”

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