Nico Hulkenberg admits that he had a “code brown” moment after narrowly avoiding the stricken Williams of Alex Albon in the Australian Grand Prix. Albon suffered a high-speed spin on Lap 7 of the event, causing his car to roll back onto the track following contact with the barriers. Pierre Gasly and Hulkenberg were the first to encounter Albon’s FW45, leaving Hulkenberg reeling from having to take avoiding action at full speed. “Holy moly, I mean seriously I had a code brown in that moment,” Hulkenberg told media, including . Hulkenberg recalls ‘seriously scary’ moment Reflecting back on the incident after the race, Hulkenberg explained that the lack of visibility added to the shock. “That was seriously scary. I mean, thank God nothing happened. But this is a nightmare scenario,” the Haas driver continued. “You’ve come around a blind corner in a street circuit. I mean, that was seriously scary and sketchy. “That’s a bad example of a driver losing the car, crashing and coming back onto the track, and because there’s a gravel trap, there was dust, so you could not really see much.” ‘No marshal in the world can react that fast’ With the incident happening so quickly, Hulkenberg acknowledges that there was no time for warning to be given to the drivers approaching. “I think Pierre was in front of me, he was the first car, I was the second car, and no marshal in the world can react that fast,” the German explained. “We didn’t have yellow flags, I just saw the cloud of dust and I saw gravel flying around, so I sort of didn’t take the ideal or normal racing line, I went a bit wider. “I think I still didn’t miss him by much though, I immediately shouted on the radio that we need a Safety Car and that it was a dangerous situation.” Hulkenberg went on to finish the race – which featured three red flags – in P7, while teammate Kevin Magnussen crashed out on Lap 54.

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