The NTT IndyCar Series and Indianapolis Motor Speedway have announced an expanded set of sustainability initiatives that are in effect at the speedway this month.

The ways in which these initiatives are implemented are varied, and cover all aspects of the operation of the giant facility.

Penske President and CEO Mark Miles and IMS President Doug Boles held a press conference on Saturday to detail all the ways the speedway continues to be more sustainable in its operation.

There is a whole new set of LED lighting in the team’s garage areas, with the facility using the opportunity to improve the brightness as well as reduce energy usage in a $250,000 upgrade.

There are new aluminum cups that are in use throughout the hospitality and media areas that have been recycled and are fully recyclable again after use.

The plan is to have these cups available in future years for the multitude of concession stands around the facility, giving fans a new cup that also doubles as a cool souvenir.

Other fan-facing pushes include a special line of clothing that is made from recycled plastic bottles, which are made in a way that it is nearly impossible to distinguish the material from cotton.

IMS is now partnering with Keys2Work, which is an alternate staffing service that employs at-risk adults and those looking to re-enter the workforce that would traditionally have a difficult time finding an employer to work with them.

The service is using its employees to sort and prepare recyclable materials from around the track by hand, ensuring that the many recycle bins are fed correctly into the appropriate disposal facilities.

They also ensure that uneaten food from hospitality areas is given to local food banks, and that other food waste is properly composted for use around the IMS property.

Last year 4,000 pounds of food was sent to local food banks, and that number is set to expand this year with the new partnership.

The list of different areas that are affected by the track’s sustainability initiatives is nearly endless, and many of them will directly improve the fan experience when they visit later this month.

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