IndyCar CEO Mark Miles has criticised the claim that Formula 1 is the “greatest motorsport spectacle”, labelling it as a “crock of shit”.

Last time out the Miami Grand Prix, a pre-race show in which all drivers were individually introduced was held.

Rapper LL Cool J was behind the microphone during the ceremony, and stated, referring to F1: “This is the greatest spectacle in motorsports.”

However, the Indianapolis 500, which takes place every May, is known to carry the tag of ‘The Greatest Spectacle in Racing’, which is trademarked.

The pre-race ceremony didn’t go down well with Miles.

“I heard that,” Miles told IndyStar. “And my reaction was, ‘I’ll bet you race fans know that’s a crock of s***. 

‘The Greatest Spectacle in Racing’ is right here [at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway] in May, by every measure.  

“And I don’t expect [the potential trademark breach] to continue.”

Miles also revealed that he contacted F1 over its promotion of the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix, as it advertised the event as “the greatest racing spectacle on the planet”

“We had a little conversation with them when it was popping up around Vegas, and it was very informal and quick, so I was surprised by [the pre-race ceremony in Miami].

“But I don’t think that’s their general MO [modus operandi]. I’m not sure who the chain of people is for writing something like that that gets said on the mic, but I don’t believe it would come from as high up as [Stefano Domenicali].  

“I didn’t consider it a corporate policy, given our relationship.”

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