Las Vegas Grand Prix pit lane | A striking layout As F1 gears up
for the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, concerns have been raised
by fans on social media over the design of the pit lane exit. The
sport tackles what is set to be a spectacular layout for the first
time this weekend with the night race to be backlit by the
world-famous hotels and casinos on The Strip, as well as the new
Sphere. But there is a potential issue for the circuit’s first
event as a number of questions have been asked by fans on social
media over the design of the pit exit. Turn 1 is a long left-hander
that double-backs on itself and with the exit forcing cars to
rejoin midway through the corner, slower cars will find themselves
on the racing line. Low temperatures make it extra linky Further
complications will come when the drivers tackle the forecasted low
temperatures, which are expected to be below 10 degrees Celsius.
Chaos could be caused as drivers attempt to rejoin the race track
mid-race with tyres well below the temperature of rivals still on
circuit, so what do you think? Should changes be made?

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