The winner of the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix will receive a unique, kiss-activated trophy developed by Pininfarina and the event’s title sponsor, Lenovo.

The aluminium trophy created by the iconic design house – which was founded by Battista Farina, the uncle of the first Formula 1 champion Giuseppe Farina – will light up from its core when kissed by the winning driver.

LED lights will illuminate the core of the trophy to produce a waving motion in the colours of their national flag.

The trophy, which will also return for the United States Grand Prix in Austin, takes heavy inspiration from the design of an F1 car’s intake and also the Lenovo logo.

Image credit: Lenovo

Only the winning driver’s trophy will feature the touch-sensitive micro-switch technology used to illuminate the trophy with their national flag. At both the Japanese and US Grands Prix, the other three trophies feature ‘light cores’ coloured to reflect those of the host nation.

“As a leading technology company, we challenged ourselves to find a way to embed smarter technology into the trophies in a way that’s never been done before to elevate the podium experience,” said Phillip Marchington, Executive Creative Director of Corporate Marketing at Lenovo.

“Dreamed up by Lenovo and fashioned by iconic design firm Pininfarina, the trophy’s striking shape mirrors the air intake on F1 cars and features a parametric pattern that echoes the proportions of the Lenovo logo,” he added.

Image credit: Lenovo

The iconic Pininfarina design agency has famously worked with car manufacturers including Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

“For Pininfarina, with its unparalleled heritage rooted in the automotive tradition, it’s an honour to be a part of Formula 1’s history with this innovative tech-driven trophy, created for a partner like Lenovo, which shares our deep passion,” said VP of Design for Pininfarina Paolo Trevisan.

“Formula 1 represents the pinnacle of automotive competition, where design plays a pivotal role. Just as each car on the track stands as a testament to human dedication to innovation, our trophy embodies the essence of craftsmanship and forward-thinking aesthetics.

“It serves not only as a symbol of victory but also as a reflection of our rich legacy and our values of elegance, purity, and innovation.”

Each trophy is powered by rechargeable batteries to ensure that once activated and displayed, the patterns and colours do not fade.

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