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Earlier in the month, Porsche revealed that its incredibly cool 1999 Classic Club Coupe one-off would be headed for auction. The car was built through Porsche’s Sonderwunsch (special request) program and was designed as a thought experiment: What would a 996-generation 911 look like if the Sonderwunsch program existed when this car was new? The answer is a greatest-hits 996 with custom body and interior work and it now belongs to Jerry Seinfeld because of course it does.

Broad Arrow Auctions

Seinfeld is one of the most famous collectors of Porsches in the world, and obviously has deep pockets, so it’s no surprise he snagged the 911 Classic Club Coupe. However, of all the rich Porsche collectors, I’m glad Seinfeld is the one to take it home because he actually drives his cars. It’s nice to think that the Classic Club Coupe won’t spend its life locked away in a hermetically sealed vault.

What makes the 911 Classic Club Coupe so special? It was developed by Porsche AG and the Porsche Club of America. Its unique bodywork and interior were designed by Grant Larson, the designer of the original Boxster and one of the designers of the Carrera GT, and it looks like what a 911 Sport Classic would have looked like in the ’90s. Its ducktail spoiler, Fuchs wheels, and double-bubble roof make it look like no other 996 911 in history.

The pepita-pattern seats and blue stitching also give it a unique cabin that should make it feel special from the inside. And in case Seinfeld forgets how special it is, there’s a “001/001” plaque to remind him. Here’s an album of detail shots from the original listing in case you forgot how pretty it is:

Broad Arrow Auctions

Powering the Classic Club Coupe is a 3.6-liter Mezger flat-six from the 996.2 911 GT3, making 381 horsepower and revving to 8,000 rpm. Naturally, it gets a six-speed manual, with a unique gear lever.

Seinfeld bought the Classic Club Coupe for $1.3 million, at Broad Arrow’s Porsche 75th Anniversary Auction, and the 911 couldn’t have gone to a better collector. Seinfeld will treat it properly and, hopefully, we’ll see him driving it around sometime soon.

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