All you need to know about the Grand Prix qualifying time What can
Formula 1 drivers and teams anticipate at the Las Vegas GP? The
specifics remain unknown. In the lead-up to the weekend, simulator
sessions on the street circuit, featuring the iconic ‘strip’ in the
renowned city, have been a common occurrence. However, it’s not
until Thursday evening, during the initial free practice, that
substantial data collection can commence. Given the uncertainties
leading up to the weekend, Pirelli is supplying the event with the
three softest tire compounds, anticipating low surface grip
conditions. 2023 F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Qualifying Time What do
the drivers think of the Las Vegas Grand Prix qualifying time 2023
“Las Vegas is anticipated to be chilly, given that it’s a street
circuit. To prepare, we collaborated with the teams, seeking
simulations in advance to comprehend the impact of the circuit
layout on tire energy. We gathered information from the companies
responsible for the tarmac to assess its abrasiveness and the
expected level of tire wear. However, many uncertainties still
surround the Las Vegas circuit. Qualifying is scheduled for
midnight local time, with temperatures expected to be around four
or five degrees. Alexander Albon suggests an intriguing scenario
where drivers may need multiple laps to warm up the tires before
setting a fast lap. “I wonder if we’re doing three or four prep
laps for qualifying,” he said. “It will be a tough one.”

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