Charles Leclerc has voiced his opinion on the F1 Sprint format,
believing that it has been a strong addition to Grand Prix racing.
The alternate schedule which includes an extra race during the
weekend debuted in 2021 but has split opinions in the paddock The
format changed for this season with a second qualifying session
dedicated to the sprint race introduced, known as the Sprint
Shootout, with F1 running the Sprint format at six events this
year, double the tally used in previous seasons. Three-time World
Champion Max Verstappen who won the 2023 title during the Sprint in
Qatar, is a strong opponent to the format as he feels it takes
excitement away from the main race. However, Leclerc has expressed
that he is a fan of the schedule as it places more pressure on the
driver. Leclerc in favour of change “I quite like it,” he told
media including RacingNews365com. “I like the fact of having only
one free practice session. I don’t think we should have more than
six Sprint weekends in a year. “I think six is good. But to have
one free practice and go straight to qualifying is something I
enjoy.” Talks are currently being held between F1 and the teams as
another change to the format is set to be brought into play next
year. The new schedule would see Sprint Shootout moved to Friday
afternoon, with the sprint race held on Saturday morning before
qualifying later that day. “I think the Saturday could be changed
and improved but I really like the Friday, to not have three free
practice sessions is really long and sometimes it can get a bit
boring,” added Leclerc. “We always go through the same programme.
So I like the fact of having only one free practice and going
straight to the action with qualifying.”

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