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Design studios are some of the most fascinating places on Earth. It’s where the ideas behind a car design are discussed, studied, and sketched. And while engineering is crucial for determining how a car drives, a good car design is key to selling more cars. Automakers still use full-scale clay models to design and refine cars, but Lucid Motors partnered with Samsung to make a massive 255-inch screen that helps designers do their jobs.

The screen is, rather ominously, called “The Wall.” It’s also a literal name, as it simply replaces a wall at the Lucid design studio. It is so big that cars can be designed at a 1:1 scale on the screen, which allows designers to visualize new parts and designs before they’re prototyped. It’s a little curious as a good car design is often much more about three-dimensionality, shapes, and how light reflects off of surfaces more than a two-dimensional drawing, but Lucid says it has value as a collaborative tool.

Lucid Motors/Samsung

It’s a seriously good display, too. It has true-to-life colors, as well as Samsung’s MicroLED tech, which is a more thoroughly developed OLED display that can be ultra bright. For example, a 110-inch Samsung MicroLED TV is a staggering $149,999. The display at the Lucid studio is over twice as big, not meant for mass production, and surely astronomically expensive. For all of that money, it can serve more purposes than just car design. Engineers can visualize prototypes, or it can be used as a massive data visualizer, or it can be used as an auditorium to bring big groups of people up to speed.

Alternatively, it would be an incredible way to watch the first Fast and Furious movie. Or maybe the much funnier but definitely worse second movie. Actually, any movie night would be great. All we need is The Wall.

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