Formula 1’s governing body, the FIA, has handed Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko a written warning following the Austrian’s insensitive comments regarding Sergio Perez.

Marko came under fire when he questioned Perez’s commitment to the Austrian network ServusTV, linking an apparent lack of focus to his nationality.

The Austrian has since apologised via a statement and in-person to Perez, but some feel more action was needed, including Lewis Hamilton.

Now the FIA has handed Marko a written warning, reminding him of his responsibilities as a public figure in motorsport in accordance with the FIA Code of Ethics.

“Let’s remember that he is South American, and so he is not as focused as Max Verstappen or Sebastian Vettel was,” was the remark that Marko has been catching unwanted attention for.

The paddock veteran has since stated he doesn’t believe “that we can generalise about people from any country, any race, any ethnicity.”

Marko backed this up with a one-to-one with Perez, with the Mexican saying: “I had a private conversation with him. He did apologize and that to me was the main thing.”

“Basically we move on,” he continued.

“I have a personal relationship with him, and I think you always have that, you can always have those feelings, when you see that sort of stuff.”

However, the likes of Hamilton blasted Marko, calling the comments “unacceptable” and that he thinks “there needs to be more done.”

Red Bull Team Principal Chrisitan Horner told SkySportsF1 earlier today that Marko’s comments “were not right, and [Marko] immediately apologized to Sergio directly,” but the team couldn’t make an official statement on the matter as Marko is a part of the Red Bull Company Group and not Red Bull Racing itself.

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