Red Bull Motorsports Advisor Helmut Marko has given an update on the team’s preparations for the 2026 power unit regulations alongside new technical partner Ford. Red Bull Ford will enter the sport as a powertrain provider for the main team and AlphaTauri – the first of the Milton Keynes-developed engines after its long-lasting partnership with Honda. The powertrains division will be housed on-campus for the World Championship-winning constructor, meaning Red Bull joins Ferrari as the only team to host a chassis and engine facility on the same site, allowing for greater synergy between departments. Red Bull Ford progress Red Bull is taking a risk in forging its own path with its power unit rather than relying on manufacturer expertise, but Marko told Formel 1 : “We are aware of that, but that is why we rely on many experienced people and assume that this will be fine. “The current feedback on the internal combustion engine makes us feel good and I don’t expect us to be at a disadvantage. The reliability will also be good. “In addition, with Ford we have a partner who, when it comes to the electric part of the engine, is very large and if they do not have something in-house, they do look together with young companies or startups. In terms of batteries, we can certainly use some know-how: this is a very important addition for us and with this we think we will be competitive.” On the progress made alongside Ford, Marko added: “They are on campus with us and there are already six test benches that have been running since last year. “More than one engine is already ready and the improvement is clearly visible. That’s how you should develop an engine,” says the Red Bull advisor, who hopes that other components such as the ERS [Energy Recovery System] will also be ready for use in the short term. “We are exactly on schedule and the recruitment of staff is going well. We are not yet at our optimal staff level, but that does not make much difference. Of course, a new competitor has also emerged [Audi], which has only made us hungrier to win.”

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