Red Bull Motorsport Advisor Helmut Marko has warned Max
Verstappen’s São Paulo Grand Prix Sprint victory saw the Dutchman
driving well within his limits. Verstappen defeated McLaren’s Lando
Norris by 4.2secs in the 24-lap event having made the move for the
lead off the line and into Turn 1. It gave an ominous indication as
to how Red Bull will perform across a race stint at Interlagos
having been pressed throughout qualifying and the Sprint Shootout.
“Already in the first corner Verstappen was ahead and after that he
managed his tyres incredibly well,” Marko told Sky Germany . “At no
point did he drive faster than he needed to. As soon as Lando got
near the DRS gap, Verstappen managed to put half a second on top of
it [the gap] right away. “In the end, he went a bit faster and
therefore we are very optimistic for Sunday.” Lambiase Verstappen
chat explained Despite the ease of victory, Verstappen was in
conversation with race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase over his
sectional speeds relative to Norris midway through the Sprint.
Explaining the chat, Marko said: “There was a discussion about
where we would push a bit more: in the fast corners or in the slow
corners? “When we looked at the tyres, we decided to bring a little
more speed in the fast corners.”

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