McLaren boss Andrea Stella feels Haas right of review request into
the United States Grand Prix makes “no sense” and action cannot be
taken in “hindsight.” Over the Sao Paulo Grand Prix weekend, Haas
lodged a right of review into the Austin weekend after further
evidence of track limit violations at Turn 6 came to light that was
not previously available to the stewards. The original stewards
from that weekend are set to reconvene to decide if Haas has
presented the new evidence required for a right of review appeal to
be opened – with the case then being taken forward if this
threshold is met. However, McLaren’s Stella believes that as Turn 6
was not a corner being monitored during the race for track limits,
it does not make sense to retrospectively award penalties to
drivers concerned, believed to be Red Bull’s Sergio Perez. Stella
doubtful over Haas request “During the race, you are busy with many
things, and the only thing we were paying attention to is the
information coming from the race director about lap-time deletion,”
Stella told media including RacingNews365. “Because that is the
official feedback you receive, what counts and then you adapt your
driving, adapt how much you push and adapt your pace with the
information you have. “It makes no sense in hindsight because if
you’d have had all the information, all competitors could have
adapted what they did. “This is certainly not something you can act
upon, in hindsight, because it affects what you do live. “In my
view, Haas has the right of request it, but what we need to do is
work on a more robust way of determining track limit [violations],
and polishing it. “But once an event is gone and finished, we then
move onto the next.”

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