Mercedes says it anticipates its new front wing to yield greater benefits when Formula 1 visits circuits that feature slower corners.

Mercedes introduced the updated component at last weekend’s British Grand Prix, the latest revision to its W14.

Lewis Hamilton claimed a podium finish at Silverstone while George Russell classified in fifth spot.

Mercedes was able to consolidate second place in the Constructors’ Championship and moved 22 points clear of Aston Martin, with Ferrari falling further adrift.

Mercedes Technical Director James Allison expressed optimism that the updated component has worked and that its benefits will deliver greater gains at slow-speed circuits.

“The new front-wing is of course designed to make us go faster, that’s why we do all our things,” said Allison.

“The specific characteristics of this new front wing that we are excited about, is that it should improve the balance and performance of the car through the slower range of the corners.

“Now, Silverstone is famous for lots of things but lots and lots of slow corners is not one of them.

“What we took as a comfort from Silverstone is that in the slower parts of the track, we were looking pretty decently competitive. That’s a tick in the box for this new front wing.

“I guess it will only be when we get to Hungary, which is a track made up almost entirely of slower stuff, that we’ll get to know for sure.

“Early signs are promising, the new front wing seemed to do what we expected and hopefully it will bring us more at tracks which have a wider range of slow corners.”

Hungary’s Hungaroring will host the next round of the season next weekend (July 21-23).

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