The Mercedes Formula 1 team has been summoned to see the stewards at Silverstone ahead of the first day of on-track running.

The summons relates to Lewis Hamilton’s late arrival to the FIA press conference on Thursday afternoon.

The session, which features five drivers in two different parts, commenced with only four on the sofa as Hamilton was absent.

However, a few minutes later, Hamilton arrived and took his seat beside his fellow competitors.

The late arrival didn’t go unnoticed by the stewards however, who called on a Mercedes representative to see the stewards over the matter.

The FIA sporting regulations state that on the day before on-track running, “all drivers must be available to participate in official media and promotional activities (as defined by the Media Delegate) for a maximum duration of 30 minutes during a two (2) hour period, commencing 23 hours prior to the scheduled start of P1. 

“Any driver not taking part in an official FIA Press Conference (as designated by the Media Delegate) must take part in a separate media session organised by their team.”

No major penalty is expected however, and it is likely to result in either a reprimand or a fine for the team.

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