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General Motors Defense has been working on a militarized version of its civilian GMC Hummer EV for some time, and now we have the first image of the truck as well as some basic specifications. Although it looks similar, this is not a sibling of the smaller, gasoline-powered “ISV”, which is based on the Chevy Colorado ZR2. The so-called Electric Military Concept Vehicle is effectively a stripped-down electric Hummer, with various modifications for use by the military.

A GM Defense spokesperson told The Drive that the EMCV has “the same chassis and electric vehicle propulsion system as the GMC Hummer EV.” That means it’s packing a massive 212-kWh battery and 1,000 horsepower. By the looks of it, the EMCV may also be lighter than the regular Hummer too, thanks to its bare-bones six-passenger interior and tubular roll cage. Other hardware changes include “Fox performance shocks, 37-inch tires, heavy-duty brakes, and improved approach and departure angles for enhanced off-road mobility.” What a monster.

GM Defense

We’ve known the U.S. Army has been testing a civilian Hummer EV for some time, but details about the actual militarized version have been thin. The Army is likely interested not only in the vehicle’s ability to drive quickly and silently through a battle area—the truck features both a “Silent Watch” and “Silent Drive” mode—but also in how much energy is stored in its battery pack. As GM’s spokesperson noted, the huge pack in the Hummer “offers substantial exportable power for mission-critical equipment.” Many EVs can power entire homes for multiple days, after all, so having that amount of power for use on the battlefield could be advantageous for logistics.

It’s extremely unlikely the EMCV will ever be available for purchase by civilians directly from GM like the old Hummer H1 was. The defense portion of the company deals strictly with the government. The new Suburban HD, for instance, is being sold to the State Department.

That being said, if the Army decides to purchase EMCVs, keep an eye on surplus auctions down the road. If the government will just sell you a LARC-LX amphibious transport, you will bet that these EMCVs will be hot ticket items once they’re retired.

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