The 2024 Ford Mustang configurator just went live this morning, if you’re looking for a way to avoid working on a Monday. I’ve already done a little bit of box-checking, myself. The most expensive Mustang is the Dark Horse Premium, which could cost you as much as $79,515 if you add every available option. That’s a lot of money for a Mustang.

Granted, the Dark Horse gets pretty good gear from the outset, but as you can see below, I added the best bits. That includes the Tarnish Dark High Gloss paint for $5,495, a 10-speed automatic for $1,595 (why not), and Dark Horse Handling Package for $4,500 that’s a must-have for this one. The handling package aims to correct what the S550 lacked a little, but that’s minor detail.

The Dark Horse does have 500 horsepower, though. Also, they still make the base car, of course. The automatic-only EcoBoost Fastback costs just $32,515 and comes with 315 hp. The middling GT is stick shift-equipped and costs $43,090 to start. It also has 480 horsepower from its 5.0-liter Coyote V8, the same basic unit in the Dark Horse.


Ford revealed the new Mustang not long ago as a heavy refresh on the existing S550 platform. That being said, the car does get a new chassis designation: S650. The S650 Mustang was allegedly set to get hybrid power and a slew of other advanced goodies, but the program was later cut down to what we have now. Frankly, now that we know the Chevy Camaro is going away without an immediate replacement—If it comes back as an electric crossover I’m quitting this job—we should be happy with what we got.

Every trim of Ford’s legendary pony car has not been revealed yet. Eventually, we will likely get something along the lines of a Shelby GT500, or perhaps one of those hybrids will be a trim instead of being completely canned. If the performance of the Corvette E-Ray is anything to go off of, adding electric power to the Mustang might give it some truly incredible performance.

The new Mustang is set to go on sale in the summer.

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