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A new Aston Martin DB will be revealed on May 24, and the British automaker revealed three teaser shots Sunday night ahead of the big party. Two of them are of the car’s exterior—darkened silhouettes, the typical teaser shot fare—and one very legible image that shows the center stack area of the cabin.

The interior shot reveals a completely new layout that’s never been seen in any other Aston Martin before. For what seems like forever now, Astons have had the same interior design with a push-button shifter atop the infotainment screen, along with a crystal engine start button. Now, those two controls have shifted to the opposite end of the center stack, placing the start button and shifting controls in a more traditional place.

Aston Martin

While the image is still a bit dark, it’s easy to see the carbon fiber trim surrounding the many, many buttons. The shifter appears to be a metal handle of sorts that sticks out below the engine start button. It’s also easy to see that climate temperature, fan speed, and volume will be controlled via knurled metal wheels that can be rotated up or down to adjust accordingly.

Some HVAC functions, door locks, traction control, adjustable suspension, active exhaust, parking cameras, seat warmers, and other vital features retain hard buttons. Music to my ears! Because nothing ruins the driving experience more than having to tap your way through three submenus to turn on your seat warmer.

Aston Martin Aston Martin

Perhaps the biggest takeaway of the teaser, however, is the narrow touchscreen located atop the aforementioned cluster of buttons. It reminds me of the layout in some Land Rover products, serving as one of the two screens used to operate most of the car’s functions. It’s unclear if the new Aston will feature a two-screen setup, but it’s certainly a possibility given that this screen sits considerably low in the driver’s line of sight. Then again, it could rely on the digital gauge cluster serving as the main point of information for the driver, just like Ferrari did with the Purosangue.

Either way, we’ll get to see the whole enchilada—or should I say shepherd’s pie?—next week, when Aston Martin unveils the newest iteration of its famous grand tourer. Which, by the way, is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

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