The hilariously-named Ferrari LaFerrari rolled out of Maranello back in 2013. 10 years later, we still haven’t seen another Ferrari hypercar, but now it appears a follow-up is in the works. As we’ve covered before, the Italian automaker has been testing a new model—and even a new engine hidden in a Roma test mule.

YouTuber Varryx shared the video of the prototype over the weekend. As is typical, the car was clad in a disruptive black and white pattern that frustrates efforts to understand the lines and shapes of the vehicle. One trap for the unwary is that the video also features spy shots of a camouflaged Ferrari SF90 Versione Speciale, not to be confused with the squarer hypercar test mule.

Despite the camouflage, we can still discern several things from the video. For one, the prototype wears electrical safety warning stickers. This is a dead giveaway that the hypercar features an electrified drivetrain. Given the exhaust pipes at the rear, we can safely conclude the new hypercar will be a hybrid. Notably, there are also microphones mounted by the exhaust pipes in the video, suggesting the mule may be doing some compliance testing.

In any case, we came to the same conclusion when we first saw test mules out on the road last month. Ferrari has already stated that it has no plans to use V12s in upcoming hybrid models. It’s also explained that the upcoming hypercar is slated to use technology from the company’s F1 and Le Mans Hypercar programs. That would suggest a turbocharged hybrid V6 would be the most likely powertrain, given the engines used in those series.

Overall, the design appears to be very squared-off, particularly at the rear and along the sides. Of course, it’s difficult to know for sure, as additional panelwork may be present on the mule at this stage of testing that may not make it to the production car.

The combination of the cockpit bubble, boxy side treatment, and huge wing almost make the car look like a 2010s LMP prototype racer when seen in the front three-quarter view. In profile, there are hints of a ’90s influence, with some lines reminiscent of former Ferrari hypercars. In particular, the prominent rear haunches are very reminiscent of the Enzo, penned in the 1990s and launched in 2002.

Expect to see more of the new hypercar as it gets closer to its expected 2025 launch date. The great minds at Maranello can’t call this one “The Ferrari” again, so perhaps they’ll go for a funnier name. It’s hard to get any more self-referential, but they could always name it the Ferrari Car, or the Ferrari Vehicle? In Italian, that would make it the Ferrari Veicolo, which is actually not half bad. You heard it here first, folks.

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