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Earlier this month, a street race between a pair of Lamborghini Huracans went badly wrong, destroying a bystander’s Toyota Prius and hospitalizing one of the racers. Now, a video has emerged showing that the driver who crashed, influencer Austin Harmon, made a basic mistake that shows he probably shouldn’t be trusted with more than 100 horsepower ever again.

In a video submitted by a reader, we can see the circumstances of the street race that led to the crash on the afternoon of September 1. A pair of Lamborghinis can be seen lining up on a road in Murrieta, California, then engaging in a race despite the presence of traffic ahead. The right-hand car can be seen twitching as Harmon struggles to put power down, keeping his foot in it before overcorrecting and sideswiping the Prius. The video cuts off there, but from photos we know the aftermath: the Lamborghini was demolished, and Harmon’s accomplice fled the scene.

Harmon was identified after the race, as he is apparently known not just in the Lamborghini tuning scene, but for tormenting a homeless person on camera. The other racer hasn’t been publicly identified, but may be connected to nearby tuner Sheepey Race, whose logo seems to be on the crashed Lamborghini’s driver-side door, and whose shop is located less than two miles from the crash site. Sheepey Race’s YouTube channel features numerous videos of employees flagrantly violating traffic laws, exceeding 120 mph on city roads, and testing the acceleration of cars with more than 2,000 horsepower in highway traffic.

As Sheepey tunes both all- and rear-wheel-drive Huracans, Harmon’s deletion of his social media leaves unclear which of the two his car was. In either case, the crash was a staggering show of incompetence and recklessness. Losing the back of a rear-drive car with 305-section high-performance tires and traction control is as lame as it sounds; yard-sailing one with AWD is practically unimaginable.

There’s a phrase the kids like to say in moments like this: skill issue. Here’s hoping it’ll be a long time before Harmon puts anyone else in harm’s way again.

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