Adrian Newey has revealed that he only spends around 50% of his
time on Red Bull’s F1 teams, as he invests other time in projects
with the brand. The legendary designer has established himself as
one of the greats of F1 car design, having won a total of 12
Constructors’ titles across teams including Williams, McLaren and
latterly Red Bull. Newey recently signed a contract extension with
Red Bull that will keep him “long term” at the team, having
previously told RacingNews365 that he did not plan to retire any
time soon . Newey: I’m a bit of a maverick In a recent interview
with The Telegraph , Newey confirmed that “roughly 50%” of his time
is actually spent on Red Bull’s F1 project these days, with other
projects including a submarine occupying his time. “It’s difficult
to say exactly but I would say roughly 50 per cent,” said Newey. “I
suppose I’m a bit of a maverick in as much as I’ve managed to get
to a situation now where it [the F1 engineering team] can operate
procedurally without me, which allows me to be spoilt enough to be
able to get involved in any area I feel like.” Among getting
involved with another car project with Red Bull, Newey has also
been tasked with designing a submarine. The project was
commissioned by Dietrich Mateshitz before his passing late last
year, with work continuing despite the recent high profile accident
involving the Titan submersible that imploded earlier this year.
“It’s a great shame he won’t get to see it completed,” said Newey.
“I’m actually a bit nervous of it! Even before the recent
well-publicised accident with the Titanic submersible. But we’re
quite rightly doing it in partnership with submarine experts. We’re
not targeting sea depths. “Dietrich’s brief was he wanted one that
was easy to move around [his private] island and which he could
launch from different sites.”

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