Red Bull appear to have ended speculation about the future of their iconic Formula 1 car design chief by agreeing a contract extension with Adrian Newey. According to the report, Newey has signed an agreement to continue in his role of Chief Technical Officer. Adrian Newey had previously indicated to that he had no intention of retiring in the near future. A Red Bull Racing spokesperson also told “We do not discuss individual contracts. However, you can rest assured that Adrian Newey will be with the team for a considerable amount of time going forward.” Having joined the Red Bull team in 2006 and overseen its ascent to World Champion status, his current role spans across the Formula 1 team, Red Bull Advanced Technologies, and Red Bull Powertrains. “Adrian has been such a fundamental part since almost the beginning,” Horner told . “He covers a lot of a lot of areas and, to have the depth of his experience and knowledge to draw upon, and the way he works with the young guys, it’s great. “He’s just as motivated as he always been. Obviously, he has a great interest in what’s going on in Powertrains, and Red Bull Advanced Technology as well. So, he covers the three pillars of the campus in Milton Keynes.”

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