Ram is ramping up to reveal a slew of next-generation trucks, including its long awaiting EV pickup truck. The Ram 1500 REV and a midsized EV pickup truck concept were shown in a 5,000-strong dealer meeting in Las Vegas, with the midsize truck called “spectacular.” But tucked away in the corner was a next-generation Dodge Durango concept that previews a future for the aging SUV.

The current Durango has been around since 2011, far enough back that it actually still utilizes the final joint engineering done by Daimler-Chrysler and vaguely shares a platform with the  2011 Mercedes-Benz ML. It also survived the former Chrysler corporation becoming Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and has survived all the way through to the modern-day Stellantis. Suffice to say, the Durango has survived and seen it all. Despite its age, it is still chugging along quite strongly with a big lineup with everything from a base family hauler to a 710 horsepower Hellcat variant, which is actually currently in the midst of a lawsuit after being reissued for 2023 after a one-year run in 2021.


Unfortunately, like the other vehicles shown at the Las Vegas dealer meeting, there are no photos of the new concept SUV. According to Automotive News, there are no details on powertrain, options, and general facts about the new SUV are nonexistent as well, with the only thing to come out of the dealer meeting being confirmation that there is a new Durango concept in the works. The Durango concept being at a dealer meeting to reveal Ram trucks may be telling for the SUVs future, though there hasn’t been any indication of Ram adopting the SUV instead of Dodge.

Details of whether or not it will have an EV variant are also unclear. It was being shown alongside two major EV releases for the automaker. All we know is that dealer Randy Dye said to AN that it’s “what people are looking for.”

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