Lando Norris has admitted that he is unsure where McLaren will fall
in the pecking order at the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix. McLaren
has enjoyed a strong run of form in the second half of the season,
picking up nine podiums in the previous 11 races. Its turnaround in
form comes after a disappointing start to the year that saw it
struggling towards the rear of the field after it missed
development targets with the car. McLaren showed strong pace last
time out in Brazil as Norris challenged Max Verstappen for the lead
in the early laps of the race before being forced to settle for
second place. But Norris doesn’t believe that his consistent run of
podiums will translate into a competitive car in Las Vegas. “I
don’t think we were expecting to be as competitive [in Brazil] as
we have been,” Norris told media including . “So
we’re still surprising ourselves. I gave up on guessing where we’re
going to be nowadays. “I mean, probably after Bahrain I didn’t want
to think of where we’re going to be. It comes and goes. “I think
everyone expected Mercedes to be extremely strong [in Brazil] and
they were nowhere. [Everyone] expected Ferrari to be a bit more
competitive and weren’t, so I think no one really knows. “Everyone
just guesses and presumes but no one knows until we just get on
track. So just let’s wait and see.

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