Lando Norris has admitted there are benefits to the media exposure
that Formula 1 drivers have received in recent years. The sport’s
popularity has rocketed ever since Netflix launched its Drive to
Survive docuseries in 2019. Some drivers have criticised the
programme in the past while it has been noted that the show
dramatises scenarios for entertainment purposes. Norris has
recognised that the show is designed primarily to entertain people
rather than provide a recount of the previous season. “I watched, I
think, the first episode I was ever in, which was end of Season 1
and that was it,” Norris told media including .
“That was all I saw. The thing is, when you know everything that
goes on, it’s nice when they make you look good but then sometimes
they also make you look bad. “It’s like the real truth at the end
of the day. It’s still a show, it’s to entertain people. It’s not
there to provide maybe the most honest things about everything. “I
know, it’s for the business, right? It’s a business, Formula 1,
it’s an entertainment.” Benefits to popularity But with more
exposure to the media, the sport has become more engaging for fans
and has allowed the business side to thrive. “As much as I don’t do
it for entertainment, if it didn’t get televised and all of those
things, it wouldn’t really matter [to me],” Norris said. “I just
want to do the driving, and that’s why I’m here. I’m not here to do
all the interviews and enjoy all of this stuff. “I love Formula 1
because I love to drive and compete against these guys and race and
do all of that stuff. “And even since I’ve started, the media has
risen a lot more, but in the business world, it probably makes
sense because there’s more money and all of those things, and
that’s normally how it works. “But as drivers, it’s not the thing
that we enjoy too much of, but some perks of it.”

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