Lando Norris has spoken out against the current restart procedures, believing that the current preference for standing starts is unfair for drivers. Norris was one of the drivers to profit from the chaotic end to the Australian Grand Prix by finishing in P6 to lead McLaren’s first points haul of the season. The Briton was able to avoid any contact at the Lap 57 restart and take the chequered flag, but believed that standing restarts should only be used earlier in the race. “It’s tough. I feel like you can just be so unlucky. I kind of hate it. I feel like a rolling start is better in these situations,” Norris told media, including . “I don’t like the restarts, I guess maybe [a standing restart] in the first quarter of the race I [would] understand it. But in the second half, and especially with four laps to go, I feel like you ruin a lot of things. “I don’t feel like it’s fair for a lot of people who have done a good job and get taken out and it’s race over. I don’t feel like the second to last red flag was needed. “It just caused a bad end to the race. I think if we just finished behind the Safety Car then it would have been a bit more straightforward.” Norris warned against the growing trend of trying to improve the Formula 1 ‘show’, which has included attempts from the organisers to avoid low-key ends to grands prix, such as races finishing under the Safety Car. “I just feel like it can easily hurt people, and you can just be so unlucky after driving 56 laps perfectly and someone does something stupid in Turn 1, locks up, and your race is over, because they just want to make the show more exciting,” added Norris. “At the end of the day, I know it is a show, but we’re not here to just put on a good show, we want to race each other and be fair, and I don’t think it’s a fair thing for everyone.”

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