Lando Norris has offered an assessment on rookie Oscar Piastri as his Formula 1 teammate, believing that he has done “a very good job” after the first three races. Piastri came into F1 to much anticipation following his contract dispute with Alpine, after which came a move to McLaren. Norris believes having Piastri as his teammate is ‘keeping him on his toes’ and has praised the job he has done to understand a car that is not easy to drive. “I don’t want to make him sound too good! But he’s doing a very good job,” Norris told media, including . “He’s understood the car well, it’s not an easy car to drive. I think that’s been made clear with past drivers and comments that I’ve made over the years. “I think he did a very good job in Saudi. He got into Q3 for the first time this year, so he’s keeping me on my toes.” Comments more similar to Norris compared to Ricciardo and Sainz The team had a troubled start to the season after missing their targets, but managed to score their first points in Melbourne. Norris believes the feedback from Piastri has been more in line with his own which has helped them turn things around, compared to his teammates in previous years such as Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz. “Our comments are probably a little bit more in line than what they have been in the previous years,” he explained. “Which is a good thing just because it’s a better dynamic for keeping the focus for the engineers, the aerodynamicists, the engineers at MTC, [it means] we kind of want the same thing in general.”

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