Lando Norris is optimistic McLaren can give Red Bull and Max
Verstappen a run for their money next season. The Briton continued
his fine run of form with second place at the São Paulo Grand Prix,
a result that moved him into fifth in the Drivers’ standings.
Norris had been able to launch an attack on Verstappen early in the
race before the Dutchman assumed the kind of dominant control that
has been apparent all season. McLaren has achieved a remarkable
turnaround this term having started with no points from the first
two races, yet since a major upgrade package introduced at the
Austrian Grand Prix, Norris has scored the second-most points of
any driver. Verstappen one of the best Asked if McLaren could
provide a car for race victories next year when speaking to media
including , Norris replied: “Maybe. “I’ve was
saying to Max, since we bought this upgrade to Austria, I’ve been
the second highest scoring driver on the grid, I think we’ve been
the second highest scoring team, potentially. “Of course, we’ve
taken some massive steps forward and at the same time, considering
we’re talking about fighting the Red Bull, I think it’s still a
very, very good thing, for what we’ve achieved this year. “We’re
talking about one of the best drivers in Formula 1 ever, in one of
the most dominating cars and obviously it’s a pairing and things
have to go well together, but we’re talking about a guy who’s
scored 17 wins, one of the most dominated years in Formula 1
history. “For us to go from where we were in Bahrain to getting
close and talking about fighting a Red Bull I think are very good
signs for us and we know we still have plenty more things to come
next year. “So I’m excited. Having that as a thought, it’s quite a
faraway thought. I don’t want to think of that just now, there’s no
point thinking of it until next year but I’ll be optimistic and I
believe we can do it as a team.”

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