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There’s something to be said for the versatility of a ladder frame. It’s basically a blank canvas for the prospective automotive engineer or artist, ready to fit almost anything you want on top. It’s the basis of early hot rodding, but especially customs. This 1984 Chevy 3500 frame with a Mack semi-truck cab and late model dually bed is certainly an example of that spirit of creativity.

Posted on the ever-entertaining Facebook Marketplace, this mashup of rather random parts is for sale for the not-insignificant sum of $9,500. The description is also delightfully imprecise and devoid of grammar. From what I could gather, it’s a sleeper cab from an ‘80 Mack R Series truck that has been dropped (almost literally by the looks of things) onto an ‘80s Chevy heavy-duty truck frame. The Mack cab is weirdly narrow, and there was definitely custom work done to fit it on the relatively small Chevy frame, though the front cowl and fenders seem the normal width.

Porto Matias

There is some faded glory here. The parts that look original to the ‘80s were clearly a labor of love at some point, with this possibly being an original in-period custom build. But the years have not been kind to the exterior, and at some point someone fitted a dually bed from a late-‘00s Silverado. I have a suspicion that this is not the bed that was meant for this build. Of the eight words used in the listing description, I can also parse that the truck rides on air suspension, has a 454 big block Chevy, possible air conditioning, and maybe even a spare transmission.

To be frank, the asking price feels hugely optimistic. The truck looks bent at the middle, or perhaps the dually bed was poorly fitted, or the cab is sagging. But either way, the entire build certainly has a vibe about it. And you could buy it.

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