The president of the Italian motorsport governing body has
indicated that an agreement is near for the country to continue to
host two Grands Prix until 2030. As part of the COVID-19 hit 2020
season, F1 returned to Imola for the first time since 2006, and has
remained on the calendar ever since, although it was cancelled in
’23 owing to heavy floods in the region. Monza has held the
official Italian Grand Prix every year of the World Championship,
bar 1980, with both enjoying contracts that are set to end after
the 2025 season. With both deals set to come up for renewal in the
near future, and nothing concrete apparently signed at the time of
writing, Angelos Sticchi Damiani is keen to see both venues stay on
the calendar – with Imola retaining its Emilia-Romagna moniker.
Talks ongoing “We already have an agreement, it’s a matter of
details,” Damiani explained to Gazettea della Sport. ” It is an
agreement for both GPs in Italy, both Monza and Imola and to race
there for an additional five years. “To organise two Grands Prix a
year in our country until 2030, would be an insane achievement for
our country. “We want to have signed a pre-contract before the end
of 2024. “For Imola, the situation is clearer because we are
modernising the paddock, including the roofing of the garages and a
new paddock club structure. “Monza is different because the circuit
is in a park and therefore, additional rules apply for changes to
be made, and a discussion is needed with the municipality of Monza,
and Milan [respectively], and the Lombardy region on how to tackle
the changes.” Damiani also called for “certainty” until over the
races with the election for the FIA presidency, and a new Concorde
Agreement on the horizon, and an ever-increasing number of
countries interested in hosting a race.

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